WSJ Editorial: LePage: Manufacturers Come to Maine

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WSJ Editorial: LePage: Manufacturers Come to Maine

[url= Link to 4/12 WSJ Editorial by Gov. LePage [/url]

A short excerpt:

[b] [i] Beretta, Colt, Magpul and any others: In Maine you will find air, rail and seaports that can carry your exceptional products across the country and across the globe. You will find hardworking Mainers, and you will find a governor who is ready to provide incentives and guarantees that will make it attractive for you to set up shop in our state.[/b] [/i]

[b] [i] I will never sign anti-gun legislation that erodes the rights of Maine citizens, drives your business away or infringes on the U.S. Constitution or the State of Maine Constitution.[/b] [/i]

[b] [i] Come to where you are welcome and where you will be appreciated. Come to Maine. I'll even throw in some lobster. [/b] [/i]

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I hope something comes of it.

I hope something comes of it. In spite of the heavy handedness of Some legislators to deny Maine a chance for meaningful jobs. There is plenty of qualified people and many feasible locations for such an industry to expand here.

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