Women must Conform!

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Women must Conform!

The left is desperate to force all women to vote as a block. Dissent is not allowed. Any deviation from the party line vote must, somehow, be someone's fault... it can't be their own choice!


Exactly how does anyone control anyone else's vote in an election that uses secret ballots?

Even if people could somehow be coerced into answering a certain way to a canvasser or pollster (or deliberately lied to same), that doesn't stop them from voting however they want...

Lefties just cannot stand the idea that any woman would vote against a female leftist ever... even if that candidate gives them ample reason to vote against them.

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The culture of death doesn't

The culture of death doesn't recognize individual rights or personal responsibility; that's why guns are to blame for violence in their "thinking". It is a small leap to viewing all who fit into a demographic as the same.

As to their methods, it is social engineering - next time you watch any of the local news readers, watch carefully their body language and voice tone when they are reporting on Janet vs Donald. It'd be kind of fun if is wasn't so tragic.

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