Snipes Un-Retires

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Snipes Un-Retires

This government employee, the newest model for governmental stupidity and incompetence award, said she is not retiring especially as the Guv said he may withhold her $148,000 (or $170,000) pensions. Her current job pays $178,000. Wonder what an election supervisor does between elections?

If you read the Wikipedia article, she has always been crappy at her job. She was not, however, indicted for fraud as was her idiot crooked predecessor who, among other travesties made the decision that incompetent and inexperienced black relatives and friends made better employees that experienced white folks.

Oh, the good Doctor got her PHD in "Educational Leadership"....whatever the F that is.

I vote no

Melvin Udall
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Another fine example of why

Another fine example of why the old term "public servant" is the opposite of reality except in the rarest of cases.

I do like her Beetlejuice look though. Very theatrical.

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The real income inequality is

The real income inequality is the difference between what public sector employees are garaunteed in retirement and what the rest of the great unwashed can scrape and save ........

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