Scott K Fish: What to Do About Unemployment

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Last time ME unemployment was this high was 1992. Read More...
January 2010
Soapbox Derby: Unemployment
Scott K Fish

The last time unemployment in Maine was this high was 1992. And while Maine's unemployment rate is lower than the national average, it isn't great.

What should be done to combat unemployment?

What is necessary to rebuild Maine’s economy is not, and never has been, a mystery. Maine, like the rest of the globe, has two basic ideas on creating an environment—a place where we can pursue life, liberty, and happiness; and fulfilling jobs. One of those ideas accepts that a civil society needs some laws and government so we don’t melt down and kill each other. Beyond the costs of maintaining a limited government, we should keep the fruits of our labors to do with as we please. And there is no end to good ideas Mainers can/will come up with when given the chance, i.e.:

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