The Obama Goon Squad

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Bob Stone
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The Obama Goon Squad

This one will get me reported to for sure!

Coming True, The end of dissent

What has his campaign leadership unveiled about what an Obama administration might look like?

The answer: frightening things. During the past year-and-a-half of campaigning, Senator Obama has dispatched his legal goon squad to threaten, intimidate, and brow-beat its opposition into silence, with threats of prosecution for those associated with rival campaigns. Led by the Obama for America General Counsel, Robert F. Bauer, the Obama campaign has waged a bare-knuckles, win-at-all-costs, Chicago-style campaign, attacking free speech and free political association.

Michelle Anderson
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In the true vein of liberal

In the true vein of liberal gang stalking, the scariest part is that Mr. Obama does not have to order or even suggest to his squads that they shut the American people up.

He has made the suggestion repeatedly that Americans who disagree with the direction of the country need to shut up, and that portion of liberal fanatics who wish to carry out his wishes are already wound up and moving toward targets.

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