No Transparency?

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No Transparency?

No outside review of the ranked choice software? Does anyone know who wrote the software?

“We have heard from countless Maine voters who were confused and even frightened their votes did not count due to computer-engineered rank voting,” said Brendan Conley, a spokesman for the Poliquin campaign, said in a statement.

No problem confirming that. One was here in this forum.

“Furthermore, we have become aware that the computer software and ‘black-box’ voting system utilized by the Secretary of State is secret. No one is able to review the software or computer algorithm used by a computer to determine elections,” Conley said. “This artificial intelligence is not transparent. Therefore, today, we are proceeding with a traditional ballot recount conducted by real people.”

Since WHEN are elections conducted with ANYTHING not subject to review?

Thomas Carter
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Oh my gawd, voters were

Oh my gawd, voters were “frightened”!

Bwahahahaha! What a bunch of snowflake pansies.

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"This artificial intelligence

"This artificial intelligence is not transparent...."

The struggle is real, TC.


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