New Hampshire House kills right to work with GOP help

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New Hampshire House kills right to work with GOP help

The progressives from both sides of the political aisle have kept Forced unionism legal in New Hampshire... so the corruption will continue for now.

New Hampshire House kills right to work with GOP help
February 16, 2017

“CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — New Hampshire will not become the next so-called right-to-work state, despite full Republican control of the State House and aggressive lobbying efforts by GOP Gov. Chris Sununu.”

“Thirty-two of 223 House Republicans bucked the new governor, a significant split on an issue that is part of the GOP platform. The bill failed on a vote of 200 to 177. And the chamber did more than kill the bill — it moved to "indefinitely postpone" it, meaning no similar bills can be debated for the next two years.”

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Right to work fails in NH House, 200-177
February 16, 2017

“Republican Gov. Chris Sununu says he is “deeply disappointed” the House voted to kill a proposed right-to-work bill.”

“Top state Republicans had spent the days before the vote trying to sway opinions toward right-to-work. On Wednesday, leaders at the GOP state party suggested they may not help Republicans who oppose the bill in the next election cycle.”

“Greg Moore, a proponent of right-to-work who heads the state chapter of Americans for Prosperity, said the vote is a setback, but not the end.
“I have experienced first-hand the right-to-work wars here in New Hampshire, so we get ready for the next one,” he said.”

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