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Never An Original Thought

Reasons to Vote For Democrats is a best seller's a book of empty pages....liberals retaliated with the exact same's tanking.One of my liberal friends said "of course I'm not going to buy it there are no pictures."

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Buy it now and giver it to

Buy it now and giver it to your grandchildren who will be able to sell it for more than you paid for it, probably a lot more. It brings to mind Pet Rocks, CB radios and all those other items people purchased so they can differentiate themselves or "Keep Up With The Jones'". Unlike the snake oil salesman who had to have a shill in the audience to convince people to buy his wares we have become so unthinking we will d o almost anything we are told.

The other day I confirmed the epitome of this affliction when I looked at the machine that gives you bills for loose change. Who do you think is making money on this apparatus, surely not those who need it, they have to beg in the streets and what do you think they spend their money on? You guessed it, alcohol, tobacco and drugs because they can go to the soup kitchens for food, the shelter for accommodation and Good Will for their clothes.

Of course the government and its propaganda machine will not tell you where this is headed and they eschew news of places like Sudan where people are eating grass they cannot digest while their government sells their meager output in order to provide them money for exile.

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