Maine Schools Get an "F"

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Maine Schools Get an "F"

I have read that the evaluation of school performance by the official methods puts Maine among the top (6th) States in America. The CATO Institute, however, said the measurement methods are seriously flawed. For example, it is known that minority students (black and Hispanic) don't do as well as white students in school. Maine's white school population is about 90%. Also the standard method include extraneous data such as pre-K participation which has nothing to do with educational achievement. When the measurements take race into consideration and eliminate the stuff that is incorrectly included, Maine is 49th among all other States. If you measure efficiency (cost per student compared to performance ranking), Maine is dead last.

Our schools seem to be failing our State and students in a big way.

Funny how one measures something can provide widely different results.

Maine Schools Flunk Out

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We must throw more money at

We must throw more money at the’s the only solution......look how well it’s been working.

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