Maine legislators should take a look at Indiana

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Maine legislators should take a look at Indiana

Maine legislators should look at Indiana when they consider passing a Right-To-Work law.
Here's one BIG reason why:

Manufacturing Employment on the Rise in ‘Right to Work’ Indiana
April 6, 2017

“Today, Indiana citizens who emphasized Right to Work’s potential as a job-creation strategy have ample evidence to demonstrate they were right.

In February 2012, the month the Right to Work statute was adopted, Indiana had 470,800 manufacturing jobs, according to seasonally unadjusted U.S. Labor Department data. By January 2017, the most recent month for which statistics are available at this writing, Indiana’s total manufacturing employment had increased by 11.2 percent to 523,700.

Indiana’s percentage increase in factory jobs since it became Right to Work is more than two-and-a-half times as great as the nationwide gain of 4.3 percent over the same period. Meanwhile, manufacturing employment has actually fallen by 1.9 percent in Illinois, Indiana’s forced-unionism neighbor to the west. Ohio, Indiana’s forced-unionism neighbor to the east, has had a percentage gain only about one-half as great as Indiana’s.

U.S. Labor Department data also show that the average weekly earnings for manufacturing employees in Indiana have grown by 12.7 percent since February 2012, faster than the national average and far above the 7.0 percent increase in inflation as measured by the consumer price index over the same period.”

Full article:



Please help support this year's RTW legislation in Augusta.

1) LD 65 (HP 52): "An Act To Ensure the Right To Work without Payment of Dues or Fees to a Labor Union as a Condition of Employment"

2) LD 66 (HP 53): "An Act To Prohibit Public Employers from Acting as Collection Agents for Labor Unions"

FMI, contact

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My brother-in-law moved his

My brother-in-law moved his manufacturing business from Defiance Ohio to Indiana because of several things. One was lower property taxes, another was power costs and the biggie was Right-to-work. Nuff said....

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In 1988 the Supreme Court

In 1988 the Supreme Court found in the Beck decision
that Unions could only collect the cost of bargaining from
employees, not the money used for political activities.
There is plenty more on the internet.

A little trip down Google Lane will be very productive.

The warranty is about to run out on my keyboard or
I'd write more.

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They might not know it is

They might not know it is next to Illinois

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And flat, very flat.

And flat, very flat.

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Bullseye is right about what

Bullseye is right about what the Beck case decided, however that is not being followed by some of the labor unions and up until now it has not been enforced. In other words, some unions are indeed using the monies taken to "cover the costs of bargaining" for purely political purposes... and they've using some very creative accounting games to do that.

--> It's time for the accounting games to be fully exposed, and all guilty parties involved need to be help accountable with jail time and/or fines.

Bullseye, do you agree?

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