Local superintendents on DeVos (truncated) immigration reply

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Local superintendents on DeVos (truncated) immigration reply

From the Press Herald:

Cumberland County school chiefs respond to DeVos statements on immigrant students

The heads of eight school districts in Cumberland County reaffirmed their commitment Tuesday to follow federal law guaranteeing all students the right to a public education, regardless of immigration status.

The superintendents of Portland, South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, Yarmouth, Gorham, Scarborough, Brunswick and Westbrook schools responded to recent statements by U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to a congressional committee.

DeVos said that school districts could decide for themselves whether to report students to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, despite a 1982 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that prohibits public school districts from denying students an education based on their immigration status.

Always being skeptical, I looked around for more of the context to the DeVos remarks.
Turns out, this story could have been just a bit more informative to readers. From the AP:

DeVos was asked during a congressional hearing whether teachers or principals should notify authorities that a student is undocumented.

“I think it’s a school decision, a local community decision,” she said.

DeVos added, “We have laws and we also are compassionate and I urge this body to do its job and address and clarify where there is confusion around this.” ("This body" is Congress.)

DeVos avoided using her Cabinet office to advise school districts to become enforcers of immigration law; instead she politely told Congress that the authority to reform immigration law lies with them, and they should do it. No doubt our school superintendents would concur (as do I).

Now I need to find the complete statement by the supers, to see whether it includes the full context or just the over-reaction.

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Pending your update, I'll go

Pending your update, I'll go with the latter choice.

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