Is Granny Warren Out of the Running Already?

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Is Granny Warren Out of the Running Already?

Elizabeth Warren Injured In New Year's Fall

CAMBRIDGE, Mass (World News Bureau) - Senator Elizabeth Warren (RTRD-Mass), reportedly sustained minor injuries after falling down at her Cambridge residence on New Year's Eve.
Sources say the fall occurred after a night of drinking and social media live-streaming by the elderly politician.
"Her husband said she was taking a trashcan full of beer bottles to a recycling bin when she fell down some rear stairs and landed in a hedge. He called 911 after she reportedly urinated on herself and waved a small hatchet in a threatening manner when he attempted to pull her from the shrub."

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Well, this makes about as

Well, this makes about as much sense as that pathetic little video she posted.

Bruce Libby
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This poor quality piece of

This poor quality piece of whatever it is, not up to the standards that the Dems. will meet in the mass quest for a few moments of exposure and fleeting fame.
I feel they should assemble on stage and cut their wrists in unison ,last person conscious is the nominee. Messy but less painful than a long campaign season.

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Was that video a cheap shot

Was that video a cheap shot aimed at drunken Indians? THAT'S RACIST!!!

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I caught a few minutes of

I caught a few minutes of Minnesota Public Radio, late morning talk show. A caller who identified himself as 'a DFL* activist' wanted the audience to know he doesn't like Amy Klobuchar and that he'd be on his way to Iowa to support Fauxcahontas in her bid to lead the tribe. His activism cred arises from his earlier stints with the McGovern, Dean and Sanders campaigns.

Hey! We got another winner!

*Minnesotan for D.

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