Concealed Carry, Training & LD 1022

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Concealed Carry, Training & LD 1022

Rep. Peter Johnson has introduced LD 1022, "An Act To Improve Training Requirements for Obtaining a Concealed Handgun Permit". But does it really need improving? Read Concealed Carry, Training & LD 1022 for one view, and read LD 1022: Interview with Rep. Peter Johnson to see what the bill's sponsor thinks.

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I read it and have already

I read it and have already contacted members of the committee. I recommend OUGHT NOT TO PASS. Where does one draw the line. Why not all ex service members be exempt from permits or Coast Guard? Secret Service? The list goes on. There should be no one MORE EQUAL than anyone else.. So far as training goes,; let them present their credentials just like everyone else. After all, just because one was once a cop does not mean he does not have a violent background. Highest divorce rate, highest domestic abuse rate, quickly come to mind.

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I for one have been emailing

I for one have been emailing reps to pass LD-660 the Constitutional Carry bill.

It is time to get as many bureaucrats out of the way of the second amendment as possible. If I can legally own a weapon...I am responsible enough to figure out how to carry it.

If there are people who possess firearms illegally, they will carry it in a way that gives them the most benefit. I should not have to beg "Mother May I" for the same choice.

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the NRA instructor full

the NRA instructor full employment Act.

Peter Johnson another numbskull sent to Augusta

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On line poll question in the

On line poll question in the 4/13 PPH regarding Constitutional Carry

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