Chicago Liberal/DemocRats have a solution ...

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Chicago Liberal/DemocRats have a solution ...

Hard to believe but, then again, any stupid idea coming from the Liberals is expected. Their solution to paying for the pensions they promised but cannot afford is to add a property surtax to homes. Their genus shows in their reasoning...if we increase the taxes, the owners cannot just sell and move because the increased tax will reduce the sales price but...on the good side, because we have taxed them out of their equity new buyers will be available because the prices will be lower.

You cannot make this stuff up. I believe the average IQ of our legislators has sunk to low double digits over the years.


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I'm in Chicago. A caller to

I'm in Chicago. A caller to talk radio (WLS) suggested that the windfall proceeds from the SCOTUS gambling gift might be a better alternative to meet the pension short(very)fall. The host reminded the caller that the Chicago Fed's proposal only covers the state's five primary pensions. Gambling proceeds might be applied to the myriad remaining unfunded obligations.

Counting preterm chickens. One of the Maine papers has a headline which suggests Maine will be slow to embrace gambling. Found money? We'll see about that!

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