Champagne Socialists

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Champagne Socialists

Having struggled to find a good way to describe the Clinton, Gore, Soros, Bezos, Steyer, and other hypocritical rich leftists advocating for socialism... my thanks to The Guardian for providing one. Unintentionally, of course, since the author of the piece was only trying to deconstruct Robin Hood by complaining that he wasn't a commoner.

There’ is also the fact that Robin is no starving peasant himself, but a nobleman. He is typically referred to Sir Robin of Loxley, a wealthy landowner. His social standing and superior archery skills (and better hair) make him the natural leader of the Merry Men. Maid Marian is also a member of the nobility – in Prince of Thieves she is King Richard’s cousin. Is Robin Hood really fighting for social justice, or just to regain what has been taken from him? He is for the people, but not of the people; a champagne socialist who practices philanthropy with other people’s money.


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It is really simple,if the

It is really simple,if the champagne socialists really had the courage of their convictions,they’d immediately turnover 90% of their accumulated wealth to the government to distribute as it sees fit. They have a glowing opportunity to lead by example. But everyone knows that isn’t how it works ,never has never’s about YOUR obligation to the greater good ,not theirs.

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