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Buy America

Trump is signing a new executive order requiring government suppliers to buy American products. Where does the Constitution give him the authority, or even the Congress to make such an order and what is the penalty for not doing so?

In the past the Congress was authorized to place tariffs on imported goods in order to raise revenue to provide for the only service authorized the government and that was the protection of the collective United States.

When Franklin Roosevelt and his Democrat administration gave unions collective bargaining power in violation of the Constitution it was necessary to protect those unions from foreign completion by imposing tariffs on similar products more cheaply produced by countries who did not allow labor unions and therefore their power to extort more wages and benefits from their employer.

The cake and eat it too mentality that we have been raised with finally held sway and the government had to remove the tariffs because the countries that wanted to buy our products could not earn the dollars with which to buy them if they couldn't sell their surpluses to us.

Employers faced with ever rising labor costs moved their businesses first to the South where there were yet no unions. Another tack was replacement by machines and the finally they took their machines overseas to countries that would have them because they created jobs and profits could be repatriated. When countries discovered they could do without the foreigners and retain the profits they were sending out of the country they nationalized their businesses, kept the machinery and went into business themselves only to be outdone by countries with even more cheap labor.

A country can perpetuate this cycle only so long as it can provide the human fuel necessary to sustain life, the only thing man needs to survive is water and food. We are already at a point where water is in short supply in many areas. We have maxed out in arable land but still grow a surplus that is large enough that much of the most fuel efficient food is exported or fed to animals or just wasted. We are now having to subsidize even that which we export in order to buy those foods with less fuel value. The continual addition of mouths to feed will result in curtailing exports in order to keep a hungry population from marching on the government to overthrow the system where it is the government that decides who gets how much of what through the tax system. In the past this has only resulted in the devaluation of the currency the changing of a few hats between the have more and have less and a reestablishment of the same economic system. In the U. S. we have come to call the peacetime equivalent kicking the can down the road.

Even a high school graduate can calculate when the rationing would start given the agricultural output and number of people it would take to consume it all. The problem is we keep excellent track of production but give little heed to the number of consumers and It can be readily demonstrated that the government has absolutely no idea how many people there are in the United States because it has initiated no accurate means to determine it. The saying that you can have your cake and eat it too is only true until you run out of flour.

Tell your grandchildren what is going to happen in about the year 2100 because by my simple calculations that at current growth rates in population it will be the year when production equals consumption and there will be nowhere to go where it is any better.