The 5th Column and Liberal/Swine Go Bazerk

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The 5th Column and Liberal/Swine Go Bazerk

Malcom Nance a counter terrorism analyst for PMSMBC tweeted that ISIS should bomb Trump Tower in Istanbul. What a bunch of un-American jerks he and his entire organization are. Not one 5th Column scum organization condemned this call to mass murder by an American(?) hate monger. Maclom "the Terrorist" Nance

A history professor at Cal State Fresno, Lars Maischak, tweeted

“To save American democracy, Trump must hang,” “The sooner and the higher, the better. #TheResistance #DeathToFascism.”

Has anyone started soliciting money and design drafts for a monument honoring the Trump assassin, yet?” the user wrote in another tweet a few days later, along with the hashtag


I dunno about you but I think this man needs to be jailed for life. He is clearly unhinged and is inciting violence against our President and Republicans in general. These are Federal offenses.

Americans are seriously divided and the Leftist/Slime are using violence and fear to promoted their socialism. The right is about to erupt and it will be bloody.

Al Amoling
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And I saw a picture on the

And I saw a picture on the web yesterday of Whoopi Goldberg with a t-shirt that said Make America Great Again. Of course the picture on it told her real story. It was a picture of Donald's hear being blown apart by a gun to his temple.
What a bunch of sick bastards those left-wing goons are.

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I must be sick too.

I must be sick too.
I keep having a picture in my mind of her head exploding along with other leftards in
Hollywood after being MOAB'd.

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When you apply direct

When you apply direct pressure to a liberal....hard enough....and long enough...the beast will emerge. Inside each is a sleeping monster. Remember Hillary laughing about removing/killing Gaddafi in Libya?...."we came, he died....ha ha ha hee hee,'.
Once you get your head wrapped around that concept....act locally.

Witness Jasper and his comments here. The boy says he feels like he is walking among turds here on AMG....and keeps coming back to deposit his wisdom repeatedly..

They are a basket of deplorables calling people that disagree with them deplorable.

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Diagnostic and Statistical

Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM–5)

I guess they need to update the loony list to include the various forms of insanity
plaguing Europe and the US, especially those hallucinations that frequently leads to violence
by those labeled as liberal, leftists, and more that I don't know the labels of but are groups residing under that umbrella.

Melvin Udall
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MOAB? Mother of All Bitches?

MOAB? Mother of All Bitches?

Mike G
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The fifth column? An old

The fifth column? An old worn out term, doesn't apparently make any difference whether you are against Hiliary or against Trump, if you are against what ever asshole administration resides in the Imperial City you are a 5th columnist.

Anyone of any sense should be a fifth columnist of the Imperial City, the exception being if they pay you well for being a supporter then you are just an employee and with most employees of the Imperial City you don't have to produce anything other than loyalty.

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Mike, you are wrong. It is

Mike, you are wrong. It is an old term but hardly worn out. It is seldom if ever seen anywhere but retains its critical meaning. Almost 100% of our media is made up of Socialist/Communists who are trying their damnest to ram their Collectivist, big government, Socialist society down our throats. They do it by lying in the news, omitting important points in the news, distorting facts and, summary, are absolute anarchists against the American Constitution, democracy and our way of life...the name 5th Column fits these low life bastard like a tailored suit. The really sad and dangerous part is that nearly 50% of Americans are so stupid as to endorse this crap (think about that barely pre-mortem, brain deprived twit, Bernie Sanders) and almost 100% of academia and the snowflake students accept the propaganda as the truth. Forget Russia, China North Korea....the enemy is within and he is our brethren.

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