Knife Control?

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Knife Control?

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, says, “There’s never a reason to carry a knife.” Well, Mr. Khan: there’s always been a knife in my pocket for more than fifty years. It’s a little one with a two-inch blade and a very handy tool. Mr. Khan further states: “Anyone who does will be caught and will feel the full force of the law.”

I’ll be in London April 28th, but only for a stopover on the way back from Barcelona. I won’t be carrying my knife because it’ll be in my checked luggage. A real visit to Great Britain is on my bucket list however, and I plan to carry my pocket knife after I go through customs in London —unless it’s confiscated.

It’s made by Schrade, says “Old Timer” on the handle, and costs $16.01 on Amazon and given that I turned sixty-seven last Saturday, the “Old Timer” label is ever more appropriate. I ordered four of them recently to have spares on hand because I lose them sometimes. Three times I’ve had to forfeit my knife at airport security checkpoints because I forgot to put it in my checked luggage.

One of my students told the principal several years ago that she got scared when I used it to peel an orange in my room during snack time. He came up to see me and said, “You’re not supposed to have those you know.” I responded that I was going to keep my little pocket knife until he told the custodians they couldn’t have utility knives and the cooks couldn’t have cutlery. He left me alone after that.

Just last month New Hampshire’s Berlin Daily Sun reported that a Gorham, NH high school teacher was being investigated for doing a classroom demonstration on search and seizure using a jack-knife which he temporarily gave a student for the demonstration. When the parent complained, the superintendent, the police chief, and the district attorney all got involved to consider charges against the teacher. All this over a jack-knife that boys in my Cub Scout den carried. “There were other students in the classroom at the time,” said the article. Of course there were; it was a demonstration! What’s next? Will the school provide grief counselors for students who’ve seen a jack-knife?

The rest is here.

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The religion of secular

The religion of secular humanism cannot admit that humans are the source of evil in this world. Therefore, external forces must be blamed. Family, Society, Stress, TV, Movies, Video Games, and of course OBJECTS. Choices are not to blame, Things are!

Thus, the evil has to come from magical objects... which are hyperbolized to seem even more magically evil.

All to avoid admitting the truth. Immature people who run around demanding that anyone who disagrees with them must die will do violence... with pencils, if everything else is taken away.

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The year was 1955.

The year was 1955.
The place was Jonesboro, Maine
The building was Jonesboro High School.
The students numbered around 30 ( perhaps the smallest high school in Maine at that time.)
And to keep kids interested in school, the principal organized a rifle club (as well as other activities)
And only the students that wanted to were in the club. They took guns and ammunition to school on days that it was appropriate. And no doubt, the boys had "jack knives".

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I have made over 250 pocket

I have made over 250 pocket knives from scratch and sold most of them. The knife is the second oldest stone tool humans have made, the first being the hand ax. Fear of knives is a form of bigotry that is a species of hoplophobia. I asked an Augusta policeman at a agricultural fair if there is a knife length limit in Maine. He confessed he did not know. Think of the mess every kitchen, home and restaurant, would be if knives were outlawed or had to be registered.

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I prefer to think of the

I prefer to think of the stupidity of those who actually believe such a law would ever come to pass.

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Well they have apparently


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