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Fish: What Does Broadening the Sales Tax Mean?

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Should voters repeal Maine's new tax reform law?
Soapbox Derby: Sales Tax
Carrie Jones and Scott K Fish
Due to a people’s veto effort by Maine Republicans, LD 1495—a bill planned to broaden Maine’s sales tax base—will be on the ballot in June. Take a moment to read what our Soapbox duo thinks of the issue before casting your vote.

Tax Reform Repeal Head to ME Supreme Judicial Court

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Does this mean cries of 'We won!' are premature? Read More...

Editor's Note: Headed for the Maine Supreme Judicial Court? Does this mean cries of "We won!" are premature?

Judge: Tax-change repeal signatures valid
Staff Writer Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel 12/26/2009

AUGUSTA -- Signatures on petitions seeking to overturn Maine's new tax reform law are valid, a judge has ruled.


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